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What is TripleClicks?


TripleClicks is the e-commerce arm of SFI.  It’s where all SFI product sales are made.  Basically, it’s where the money comes from!

There are a number of different aspects to TripleClicks, which increase its wide-ranging appeal.  There really is something for everyone.

1.  TripleClicks product sales

There is a wide range of products offered for sale by TripleClicks themselves.  These range from books and magazine subscriptions, through health products, natural cleaning, computer accessories, mobile phones and other electronics, travel accessories, computer games and software … the list goes on.

2.  Individual member and member shop sales

As is the case with eBay and many other e-commerce sites, registered users can create individual product listings or, if they have a business, can become an ECA (E-Commerce Associate) and create a TripleClicks shop to showcase their products.  The range of products available through member and ECA listings truly is unlimited.

3. Auctions

This is the exciting and nail-biting part of TripleClicks, where items can be won at a fraction of their normal price (90% off isn’t unusual).  As I write this, products I’ve seen selling for crazy prices recently include a Keurig DeskPRO Brewing System and a Canon PowerShot camera.

TripleClicks is also where SFI affiliates can go to buy company promotion tools and materials, if they decide to use them.

To find out more, click here to visit the TripleClicks website.

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SFI has been in business for 15 years, and in that time, its creators have learned what works and what doesn’t with regard to marketing.  All of that accumulated knowledge is shared with affiliates through a range of training methods.

SFI Basics is a very simple guide that breaks SFI down into 3 steps (with a fourth, option and more advanced) step.  It’s designed to be easy for anyone to follow, and covers the overall process of making sales, referring new affiliates and earning money.

LaunchPad consists of 30 lessons, and is designed to be completed over the first 30 days of membership.  It covers important topics such as marketing and referring techniques, where the money comes from (and how to get your share), how to make good use of the SFI affiliate center, and where to go for more training and help.

The Internet Income Course is massive.  It consists of a series of lessons, published monthly, on various different aspects of business development and marketing.  As I write this (March 2014) there are 87 lessons available.  This is fairly advanced training, and is probably best left until after you’ve worked through LaunchPad, and you’re feeling comfortable with SFI and TripleClicks.

In addition to these, there is a training library that contains links to all the individual articles and courses available to affiliates, plus an extensive FAQ, and a forum to turn to if you can’t find answers elsewhere.  Gery Carson, president and founder of SFI, has his own section of the forum where he answers questions from affiliates.

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Pricebenders Auctions


Pricebenders Penny Auctions are the exciting and fun part of TripleClicks, and also the place where members can win normally expensive items for crazy prices.  Each bid costs one TCredit (available to buy from $0.29 each) and the countdown timer resets with each new bid.  The timer starts at 5 minutes, and the time to bid decreases as the price increases.

As I write this, recent auctions have included:

  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 sold for $8.52
  • Kindle Fire HDX sold for $11.50
  • Canon PowerShot Digital Camera sold for $0.78
  • Apple MacBook Air 11.6-Inch Laptop sold for $45.89
  • Ninja BL660 Professional Blender sold for $3.06

There are also regular auctions for TCredits, which enable members to stock up for much less than the usual price, and various SFI business building auctions.

Click here to see some of the latest items sold and the winning bids.

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E-Commerce Associates


E-Commerce Associates (ECAs) are businesses that sell their products via a TripleClicks shop.

The products available from ECAs vary widely (this is where a lot of the diversity comes in).  Here are just a few examples of recently listed products:

  • Ebook – 50 ways to build your list faster
  • Collectable brass vase
  • Car keychain with hidden camera
  • Clip on LED light
  • Handmade silver necklace set with amethysts
  • Frankincense soap
  • Printed cotton fabric


The list is endless!

As with SFI affiliate sales, ECAs can decide where their products will be shipped (worldwide or to specific countries) and if local pickup is available.  Payments are handled by TripleClicks, so customers’ money is safe, and is released to the ECA on successful delivery.

ECAs pay a portion of the sale price of each item to TripleClicks, and this is where SFI affiliates earn their commissions.  (The amount paid to TripleClicks varies, with ECAs who agree to pay larger amounts appearing higher up the product listings.)  SFI affiliates also earn a commission when an ECA they referred to TripleClicks makes a sale.

If you are interested in becoming an E-Commerce Associate, you can find out more here.

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Member sales


TripleClicks members are able to sell their own, unwanted items through TripleClicks for a nominal listing fee of one TCredit (TCredits are available to buy from $0.29 each).

Member sales are second hand items (anyone selling brand new products is classed as a business), but are often unused.  Members set their own available shipping destinations, so these vary quite widely, and items can also be offered for local pickup.

All payments for shipped items are handled by TripleClicks, and sellers only receive the payment once the item has been delivered safely.

If you have something to sell, click here to try TripleClicks out with a free listing.

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TripleClicks Products


TripleClicks is the retail arm of SFI.  It’s where sales are made, and where all the income for SFI affiliates is generated.  This is easily overlooked by SFI affiliates who are focused on building a team, but it’s important to remember that no TripleClicks sales means no income for SFI or its affiliates.

To a degree, TripleClicks operates like Amazon.  It has its own products for sale, and these include books and magazine subscriptions, health products, natural cleaning products, computer accessories, mobile phones and other electronics, travel accessories, computer games and software, and much more.

TripleClicks’ own products are generally shipped worldwide, with one of two notable exceptions.  Silver bars and gold coins, for example, are only shipped to the US and Canada, due to restrictions that many countries impose on imports.

It is also the store where SFI affiliates can buy marketing materials, such as post cards and brochures, gift cards, car decals, and shares in the SFI advertising co-op.

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SFI has a vast range of products (115,085 in total as of March 10th, 2014), which are sold through the TripleClicks store. For more details about TripleClicks, see this page.

One of the keys to SFI’s success is its product range. Product categories range from clothing to computing, tools to toys, and everything in between. As well as physical products, there are also digital products (such as educational ebooks, for example) that are available for immediate download.

Products are sold by SFI (TripleClicks) themselves, and also by individuals and companies who have listed products for sale. SFI members can use TripleClicks to sell unwanted items for cash, while businesses can create a shop to expand their online presence and market their products. Due to the diverse range of sellers on TripleClicks, products are shipped all over the world, and some products are also available for local pickup.

It’s this diversity that, I believe, has made SFI and TripleClicks so successful. It’s easy to make sales because practically anyone can find something they want at TripleClicks. And there’s also the opportunity to refer business owners who will see the potential of creating a shop, which adds another income stream for the SFI affiliate.

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What is SFI?


SFI is an international network marketing company.  Its full name is Strong Future International (originally Six Figure Income), and is owned by Carson Services, Inc, based in Nebraska, USA.

SFI launched in 1998, and has gone through many changes and evolutions since then.  It is now a solid and well established company that gains thousands of new affiliates every day.  Yesterday (as I write this) one new affiliate joined SFI every 26 seconds.  The growth is phenomenal, and there are good reasons for it.

The heart of any company is its products, and SFI has a product range that most network marketing companies would envy.  Products are sold through the online shopping site, TripleClicks, which is rather like Amazon in that it has products available from TripleClicks itself and also from other private and business sellers.  This means the range of products is almost limitless, and potential customers are bound to find something they like.  Find out more about TripleClicks here.

The support and encouragement given to new affiliates at SFI is unequaled by any other network marketing company.  There are extensive training materials, and affiliates are rewarded for working through them.  In addition to the usual sponsor (the person who referred them to SFI) and upline team, each affiliate is allocated a co-sponsor, who is an additional source of support and advice, and can communicate with yet more experienced affiliates through the a2a (affiliate 2 affiliate) network.  There’s also a contest for all new affiliates called E365 (Entrepreneur 365) that runs for the first year after registration and rewards contestants with prizes, as well as providing an extra incentive to develop their business.

Income is based on ranks and qualifications, as well as direct sales at TripleClicks, and is too complex to go into here.  It should suffice to say the income potential is limitless.  As is the case with most network marketing companies, there’s no need to make more than a few personal sales (easy with TripleClicks), and then affiliates focus on recruiting and supporting a small number of active direct referrals.  Duplication is the key.  Recruit, support, and teach your referrals to do the same.

SFI is a business, not a get rich quick scheme.  Like all businesses, it takes time and commitment to see results, and affiliates should not expect to start making money immediately.

If you’d like to know more, click here to visit the SFI website.

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SFI Step-by-Step Guide


This section contains a series of step-by-step guides for new affiliates.

Each guide is designed to simplify part of the learning process by breaking SFI down into small pieces that can be tackled one at a time.

You can work through the steps as quickly or slowly as you want, but make sure you complete the steps in order, and try not to stop part way through a step (may not be possible with Step 4).

Step 1: First Login

Step 2: Red Tabs

Step 3: Ask SC and the Daily Grand

Step 4: A2A

Step 5: Daily Tasks

Step 6: Emails

Step 7: FAQs

Step 8: Marketing Methods

Step 9: Social Networks

Step 10: Your Commitment Message

E365 Contest